Verizon’s Note 7 charge killer update N930VVRS3APL2 is now live

Samsung announced to release the final software update for Note 7 for major US carrier, that update would result in remotely bricking the device by making it incapable of charge. How this update works? First you will see a notification on your device telling you that you will not be able to charge your device again and will no longer work as a phone once it runs out of charge.

The update disable the charging mechanism in the device so it would allow the charge to reach the battery so once your battery dies completely it won’t be able to charge again. Other carrier will release the update soon but Verizon confirmed it’s roll out today, the update carries build number MMB29M.N930VVRS3APL2 is now live and you need to make your mind before flashing the update.

T-mobile has already released the update last month that would do the same, it is the most necessary thing to do because of these Note 7 exploding incidents, Samsung has already announced the recall but some users are still stubbornly hanging on it and using the phone as normal device. Verizon has announced publicly that if you own a Galaxy Note 7, power it down and join the exchange and refund program.

Source: Sammobile

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