How to unbrick your Android when stuck in boot-loop issue

In this guide we’ll show you, how to unbrick your Android device when stuck in boot-loop after installing custom ROM, rooting or flashing wrong custom recovery file. If you are one of those tech geeks who often changes custom ROMs or interested in tweaking the device then more often you might have met an issue, where your device stops booting and stuck in boot animation permanently. This is called soft-brick, the issue is most commonly happens when you flash wrong custom ROM, kernel or rooting stuff that is incompatible with the device.

Sometimes even if you flash the right custom ROM on your device and it flashes successfully but your device won’t boot and stuck in boot logo. So don’t panic, we have a quick fix for the soft brick devices in this guide, as Android being open source solving these type of problem is really easy.

What is difference between hard brick and soft brick?

Soft brick: We have already mentioned above, the soft brick in reality is not an issue anymore, it is curable disease and the most common one. A soft bricked device recognized the PC to device connection, in fact it turns on but stucks on boot animation logo and reboots the device after a short internal.

Hard brick: Hard brick is the permanent death to device, though the chances of hard bricking a device are rear but sometimes if you see your device is not turning on and not detecting the PC then it is hard bricked. Hard bricked a device corrupts it’s bootloader or it’s an hardware related issue.

How to unbrick Android when stuck in boot-loop issue

Just follow these instructions below to unbrick or solve the boot-loop issue


Set-up adb and fastboot drivers on your PC. Follow this guide

Download and install latest USB drivers for your Android device on PC. Follow this guide

1. If you have flashed the compatible custom ROM but device stuck in boot logo

Follow this guide if you have flashed the compatible ROM zip file but the device is not booting completely and stuck on boot logo.

Perform a factory data reset:

Reboot into recovery mode.

Select ‘Wipe’ and then swipe the slider to confirm the factory data reset.

Reboot your device and see if the problem is solved.

Flashing boot.img on your device:

Extract the downloaded custom ROM on PC (The same ROM you flashed on your device)

Now open the extracted custom ROM folder and locate the boot.img file. (as shown)

Now press Shift + Right Mouse Click on any empty space in the same folder and select the ‘Open command window here’ from the dialog box. (as shown)

Reboot your device into fastboot/bootloader mode and connect in to PC.

Type the following command to see if you device is detected by the computer.

adb devices

It will return the following message as shown, which mean your device is detected by the PC.

Now type the following command in the command window to flash the boot.img file

fastboot flash boot boot.img

Once the flash process is completed just type,

fastboot reboot

We hope flashing the boot file will solve the issue, if still the problem persists follow method 2.

2. Unbrick Android via flashing stock firmware

If the above mentioned process didn’t work for you then the final option is to re-flash the stock firmware file back on your device

If you have Samsung device then follow this guide to flash the stock firmware via Odin.

If you are owner of other Android device then you can see the process to flash stock firmware on your device in the stock firmware section.

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