iPhone 11 announcement made Apple once again $1 trillion company

Apple announced their latest iPhone devices on September 10th in Steve Jobs theater and soon after the announcement, the stock share of Apple increased drastically upto 3% touching it’s previously $1 trillion market cap. Market cap is the value of total shares of a company multiply by it’s current share rate and Apple also previously touched $1 trillion Market Cap last year in August. Microsoft also fall in the same category who touched these extra ordinary numbers.

Well after the release iPhone 11 there is a mixture of reviews and mostly people are not happy with the overall design of the device and calling it not innovate at all, as Apple just redesign the camera panel into bulky square camera panel at the top left of the device and with the same notch display, where as it’s competitors are coming up with a full display without any notch. So, it’s most like outdated design and even from the back of the device it’s not looking sophisticated at all.

Mentioning the overall design about iPhone 11 is because the way the company touched the $1 trillion market cap with just the announcement of the device and after mixed reviews it’s more likely the share rice will drop a little and may be Apple will be unable to sale their flagships the way they targeted.

Well hoping for the best for Apple and we also need to admit this, that Apple is not only smartphone manufacturer company so most probably coming month Apple is coming up with their refreshed Mac devices, hope they will add extra revenue and overall share price is likely to be increase as well. Apple might keep this tag for months and year as they already have alternative plans for everything.

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