Tech Giants including Apple supporting to prevent ending DACA

After the take over of President’s office by Trump Administration, lot of rapid changes are made including the bill to end DACA. Usually these kinds of bills face very minor resistance from all over the country but this time after the suggestion to end DACA by President Trump, some big names like Twitter, Google, Microsoft, IBM and now Apple stood against it and officially they supported people under DACA by saying among these are key people to be part of the major tech companies and there are several people working for the company on important positions in the company and also helping in the addition of solid economy to the country.

DACA or Deferred Action for Child Arrivals was brought by President Obama on an executive order in 2012 demonstrating the legalization of illegal people who have no criminal record and came in US before 2007 at the age below 16 years can stay in US on renewal date of 2 years. So this ending DACA thing means all the people staying under this law have to be deported by leaving their jobs.

According to Apple there are around 250 employees who are working for the company under DACA and according to current statement from Apple they are not willing to give up their precious employee as they believed they stood all the way with them behind their innovative products and helped them taking their innovation to next level.

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