PUBG developers sued Fortnite for Copying game mode

PUBG the rapid rising name in the game world sued it’s rival game Fortnite for copying battle royale mode that was initially introduced in PUBG. According to the mother company of PUBG, they filed a lawsuit in South Korea to protect their copyright material.

Fortnite is out there since a while and it break the world record a couple of months back with the most active users at once, previously PUBG was holding this record with the most online number of players.

The immense popularity of PUBG and the special battle royale mode that became one of the most demanding feature of the game forced Epic Games (the developers of Fortnite) to introduce their own battle royale mode, which lead to this conflict as PUBG is rising and getting more popular than it’s rivals and Fortnite tried to give it’s player everything that they have in PUBG.

Both games are on the top list of revenue generation and it is reported that since it’s release, PUBG has made around 1.3 billion dollars by selling around 40 millions of it’s copies, where as Fortnite is free to download but from in-app purchases and other game purchase options are giving it $200 million a month. Moreover, PUBG now made it’s way to console as well.


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