Pixel 2 details revealed with an APK Teardown

Second generation Google Pixel devices a.k.a Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are the most anticipated phones that Search giant is going to unveil on Oct 4th during an event. As soon as launch date getting near, leaks have started emerging out from all corner regarding design, specs and features. The design of Pixel 2 phones is not a mystery anymore because we have seen it very long ago but Today, Google app 7.12 apk tear down has revealed some more interesting features then we expected.

Pixel 2 details revealed with an APK Teardown

The Google Pixel 2 is manufactured by HTC under the demand of Google, the Pixel 2 devices will have an Active Edge just like HTC U11 Edge Sense that possibly make use of the squeezable side of the device. According to the staff member on “9To5Google” and the information gathered from the tear downed Google app 7.12 apk the users will be able to access Google app along Google Assistant using Active Edge.¬†Google also plans to update it’s Assistant app with multi-action initiation that will allow users to interact with the app without issuing command separately for each task.

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