Motion Photos Bug is fixed by Google as files were still staying in Google Drive After deletion from Photos

Motion Photos Bug popped out a week back after Artem observed that MVIMG files are still residing in Google drive even after deletion from Google Photos. Motion Photos came up builtin with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices and it came as an answer to Apple’s Live Photos that came with iPhone 6S a couple of years back. Since live photos gain a hike soon after it was first introduced and now after a few years Google finally have something equivalent to Apple.

This latest bug with Motion Photos effected several Pixel 2 and XL users and even after this fix they still need to go through Google Drive and delete the Motion Photos manually. This fix is not deleting previous remains of deleted Motion Photos from Google Photos instead it will avoid this staying of these specific files in Google Drive in the future. So good news for new users and bad for older and affected users. Atleast it’s a quite relief for users as now they don’t need to think of taking limited Motion Photos as incase of deletion they had to do the rest of work by themselves.

This latest Motion Photos works alike Live Photos by making a short clip of your still photo and by pressing the picture you will be able to get a glimpse of the time you took the picture along audio. This captures 3 second footage just before and after you press the capture button on the display of your phone. Well hope now it will work efficiently after the fix of this little bug.


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