Leaked images of Pixel 3 XL showing back glass and notch

Pixel 3 XL is about to come this year and some eager fans of Google pixel devices are waiting long to get a glimpse of their favorite Pixel’s successor. Well from recent leaked pictures of Pixel 3 XL, we can clearly see the large notch display in the front and a glass is placed at the back of the device. We had a few other leaks of the same device in form of protector and that was also giving a hint of notch display but today with these leaked images, we are now pretty much sure about the upcoming Pixel 3 XL layout.

Google is working hard to compete with their rivals Apple and in the launch of their previous devices, they always made fun of iPhone and other Apple products but things are turned out to be once again in the hands of Apple as, almost every other Android phone manufacturers are copying the newest iPhone X. Most of the Chinese manufacturers are simply pasting the same front and back to their Android powered devices. Same practice is followed by the tech giant Google and let’s see how it will turn out to be in their flagship devices.

These latest leaked pictures of Pixel 3 XL are the first ever comprehensive pictures of this device, showing the front and back clearly. As seen from the above pictures, there is no headphone jack at the top or bottom of the device, this means the bad trend is spreading everywhere now. There seems to be a dual camera at the front of this device but still we can’t say anything precisely as these leaked prototype pictures of Pixel 3 XL can be just a rumor.

According to many other rumors the proposed Pixel 3 XL will be having a RAM of 4GB with expected minimum storage variants of 128 GB. This new device from Google is expected to be a little cheaper than the previous flagship devices. Well, lets’s watch and see how it till turn out in coming few months.

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