How to unbrick or unroot Galaxy S6 Edge and install stock firmware via Odin

This tutorial is about, how to unbrick and unroot Galaxy S6 Edge all variants and install stock Nougat firmware on it. The word brick means a device that is half dead, the bricked device must have following condition which includes, stuck at boot loop, the device doesn’t even boots and stuck on the Samsung screen. This thing mostly happens when something goes wrong while rooting your device, installing wrong custom recovery file or even incompatible custom ROM on it.

This guide is also helpful for all those who have installed custom ROM on their device and want to revert back to stock firmware, unroot their device for any purpose either for selling it or any. So the only process to recover from bootloop or bricked device is done by flashing stock firmware on manually via Odin. Flashing the stock firmware firmware on Galaxy S6 Edge will install the complete factory settings on your device and latest firmware update.

When the official firmware for Galaxy S6 Edge is installed on it, it will bring back life to the bricked Galaxy S6 Edge. We have posted the same tutorial for the Galaxy S8 because the process remains the same because for almost all Samsung devices, all you need is an Odin tool along the firmware tar and a PC with latest Samsung USB drivers installed on it. You can flash the firmware belonging to any region on your device but you should be careful of device model before flashing the firmware.

How to unbrick Galaxy S6 Edge and install stock firmware via Odin

Disclaimer: Follow the guide on your own risk, the writer would not be responsible if you damage your device during the firmware installation process nor we are forcing you to perform the flashing process. Don’t proceed if you can’t follow the instructions carefully.

Process to unbrick Galaxy S6 Edge and install stock firmware on it.

Note: This firmware is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, it may seem to be the older firmware but you can update it later via OTA once the stock firmware is installed on your device.

Follow the links according to your device model and you will be guided in details to unbrick Galaxy S6 Edge and install stock firmware via Odin.

Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F users follow this guide

Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925I users follow this guide

T-Mobile S6 Edge SM-G925T users follow this guide

Verizon S6 Edge SM-G925V users follow this guide

Canadian S6 Edge SM-G925W8 users follow this guide

AT&T S6 Edge SM-G925A users follow this guide

Sprint S6 Edge SM-G925P users follow this guide

That’s it! If you have successfully recovered your Galaxy S7 Edge from bricked stated, give us your feedback and don’t forget to share this guide with others.

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