Google acquires a part of HTC’s smartphone team for $1.1 billion

The rumor mill regarding Google acquisition of HTC was active for the last couple of weeks. Until today, Google confirms to made an agreement with Taiwanese manufacturer HTC to acquire some part of HTC’s mobile division team for $1.1 billion. The deals includes, transfer of employees from HTC to Google who have already been working under Google and HTC for Pixel project.

According to hardware boss from Google Rick Osterloh “These future fellow Googlers are amazing folks we have already been working with closely on the Pixel smartphone line, and we’re excited to see what we can do together as one team” her further explained in it’s blog post that “The deal also includes a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property”.

Even after transferring a good porting of it’s talented Team members to Google, HTC will continue it’s smartphone manufacturing. The search giant Google always looks keen to acquire smartphone manufacturer, about 6 year back similar deal held between Motorola Mobility and Google, under the deal the production plant was set up in US that offered unrivaled customization options for Moto X Units. Later Google sold Motorola to Lenovo for a fraction of amount it earlier paid to Motorola.

This deal is infact great for the HTC as well as Pixel fans because HTC is best known for it’s hardware and unique idea back in the peak times as well as present regarding HTC U11 squeezed design and VR’s.


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