Clash of Clans summer update is coming up with Town Hall 12

Supercell officially announced today about next big update of Clash of Clans, that is coming up with Town Hall 12. Well, it’s a big news for all the crazy Clash of Clans players as now they will be getting new missions in terms of upgrading to Town Hall 12 and of-course when a town hall gets an update, there are so many other things that gets updated too. So, you might be getting next level of your defense wall upgrades along you might be able to upgrade your cannon and archer towers to the newest level, coming along with town hall 12.

According to the team behind Clash of Clans the new Town Hall 12 will be having it’s own defensive capabilities and now destroying a town hall wouldn’t be that easy as it is in the case of its previous versions. An enemy raid coming next to town hall will automatically trigger Giga tesla, that will smash enemies with deadly electric pulses.

Giga tesla is also receiving multiple updates with a top upgraded level upto level 4. Moreover, other belonging to town hall 12 will be receiving significant updates as well.

According to the team of Clash of Clans, they will be releasing sneak peaks for this mega summer update of Clash of Clans. So, stay tuned we will update you as soon as we get more information about this upcoming update.

For more details visit Clash of Clans official blog

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