How to boot Essential Phone into Fastboot Mode/bootloader mode

In this brief tutorial, we’ll guide on how to boot Essential Phone into Fastboot Mode a.k.a bootloader mode. Android smartphone have multiple modes, which help you perform multiple tasks on your device. These modes, allow you to unlock bootloader, installing custom recovery, rooting and even troubleshooting firmware issues. We have already posted guide on how to unlock bootloader on Essential Phone but there we just mentioned boot your Essential into fastboot/bootloader mode but now in we are going to show how to enter download mode on Essential Phone in detail.

Every OEM has set it’s own ways to boot it’s Android smartphone into bootloader mode/fastboot mode, as Essential Phone is also a new entry in the Smartphone market so most of the user don’t know about how to enter fastboot mode on Essential phone. We hope this guide will help users to understand the proper way to enter fastboot mode/bootloader mode on Essential Phone. Just go ahead and follow the detailed instructions.

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How to boot Essential Phone into Fastboot Mode/bootloader mode

  • Turn Off your Essential Phone completely.
  • Now you need to press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously for a moment.
  • The screen of the device will splash with a vibration.
  • Once you see fastboot mode screen on the device, lift your hands off from the buttons.

That’s it! You are in the fastboot mode now, stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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