Download Winter Sports and Block AR Stickers

New Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers are available for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 units. The Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers bring winter sports and blocks available to download on Google Play. These new Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers are exclusive to Pixel devices only, but earlier we have posted a guide to get them on any Android device.

The Winter sports AR Stickers add winter sports themed characters allow you to dress up photos with freestyle skiers, ice hockey players, twirling ice skater and a lot more. On the other hand the new Blocks AR Stickers lets you add microphone and multiple balloon types, cup cakes, flashy and energetic characters and several other objects created with Blocks.

How AR Stickers Work?

The Google’s new ARCore platform feature allows you to drag and drop the AR stickers including virtual characters and playful emojis directly into your photos and videos. The AR stickers bring your favorite virtual characters to real life by placing 3D digital objects inside of their smartphone’s camera viewfinder thus making them a more real life characters.

Download Winter Sports and Block AR Stickers

Download Winter Sports AR Stickers. Google Play

Download Block AR Stickers. Google Play

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