Download OnePlus 5 official Lineage OS 14.1 ROM ‘cheeseburger’ [Android 7.1.2 Nougat]

OFFICIAL Lineage OS 14.1 ROM for OnePlus 5 cheeseburger has been released. Till now there was only an unofficial Lineage OS 14.1 build for it, finally Team Lineage OS has officially released their first official Lineage OS 14.1 nightly ROM for OnePlus 5. The ROM is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat with all the features fully working and stable enough to be used as daily driver.

OnePlus 5 is a king of budget devices with affordable price tag and decent specification that make it comparable head to head with the latest flagships. If you own a OnePlus 5 and wish to install official lineage OS 14.1 custom ROM on it then you have landed on the right page, in this guide we have brought Lineage OS 14.1 nightly ROM for OnePlus 5 along complete install instructions.

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Process to install official Lineage OS 14.1 on OnePlus 5

Some pre-requisites before you begin:

Your device battery should be in good health (70%) to avoid the shutting down while in flashing process.

Bootloader on OnePlus 5 should be unlocked, here is the guide to unlock it.

A TWRP custom recovery must be installed on your device, if you haven’t, follow this guide to install it.

Create a Nandroid back up of important data including complete System with all apps and messages, follow this guide to create a Nandroid backup via TWRP recovery.

Upgrade latest USB drivers for your device on PC. Download latest OnePlus USB drivers here [For a stable PC-phone connection].

Downloads section:

Download official Lineage OS 14.1 custom ROM for OnePlus 5. Here [Pick up the latest build]

Download Lineage OS 14.1/Android 7.1.x Google Apps

Now transfer both file on your device storage.

Install Section.

Turn off your OnePlus 5 and reboot into TWRP recovery.

Once your device boots into recovery mode then follow this guide to flash official Lineage OS 14.1 on your OnePlus 5 via TWRP recovery.

Solution to a failed boot issue.

Follow this guide to solve the bootloop issue. [If you think your device stuck at boot animation for quite a long time]

Enable Root Access for Apps.

How to enable root access for Apps on Lineage OS 14.1 ROM

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That’s it! If you have successfully installed Android 7.1.2 Nougat based official Lineage OS 14.1 ROM on your OnePlus 5, give us your feedback and stay tuned for more updates.