Download & install official Paranoid 7.2.1 on Nexus 5X (bullhead)

Official Paranoid 7.2.1 for Nexus 5X a.k.a bullhead is now available, just like we did for other devices in this guide we’ll show you the step by step process to download and install official Paranoid 7.2.1 on Google Nexus 5X (bullhead). Team Paranoid is back in action after a long hibernation and here is the first official Paranoid 7.2.1 build rolled out for Nexus 5X. In the previous guide we have posted same guide for Nexus 5 along same process.

The official Paranoid 7.2.1 for Nexus 5X is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat with latest security patch for July along new feature including Accidental Touch Prevent, Pocket lock, Double Tap to sleep and a lot more, you can see the change log for complete information. If you wish to install Paranoid 7.1.2 on Nexus 5X then without wasting time let’s head towards the installation process.

Install official Paranoid 7.2.1 on Nexus 5X

Before you begin:

Your Nexus 5X must have a working TWRP recovery installed on it, if you think you haven’t installed it don’t worry, just follow this guide to install TWRP on your device.

Once recovery is installed on your device, create a Nandroid back up of important data including complete Android ROM with all apps and messages, follow this guide to create a Nandroid backup via TWRP recovery.

Upgrade latest USB drivers for your device on PC. Download latest Nexus USB drivers here [For a stable PC-phone connection].

Downloads section:

Download official Paranoid 7.2.1 ROM for Nexus 5X, Here. [file name:]

Download ARM64 Android 7.1.x Google Apps

Now transfer the ROM file along Google apps zip on your device storage.

Process to install official Paranoid 7.2.1 on Nexus 5X

Turn off your Nexus 5X and reboot into TWRP recovery.

Once your device boots into recovery mode then follow this guide to flash official Paranoid 7.2 on Nexus 5X via TWRP recovery.

Solution to a failed boot issue.

Follow this guide to solve the bootloop issue. [If you think your device stuck at boot animation for quite a long time]

That’s it! Give us your feed back on official Paranoid 7.2.1 for your Nexus 5X. Please don’t forget to share this guide, thank you.