Install Nokia 8 ported Camera on Moto G5 Plus (APK Download)

Download and install Nokia 8’s camera app (APK) on Moto G5 Plus: The Nokia’s entry in the Android smartphone market is a great decision taken by company, the loyal Nokia users were eagerly waiting for it. The company has introduced it’s amazing new flagships, one of them is the Nokia 8, the device comes with the latest powerful hardware along dual camera support capable of taking very sharp photos with great quality.

Install Nokia 8 ported Camera APK on Moto G5 Plus

Nokia 8 camera application provides vast variety of photography tools which lets you take great quality images especially in HDR Mode. Great news is that the same Nokia 8 camera application modded in such a way that it can also be installed on Moto G5 Plus device. Credit goes to the developer at XDA for this Nokia 8 camera port for Moto G5 Plus. If you own a Moto G5 Plus then you just need to download the Nokia 8 camera APK from the link and install it as normal apk on your device.

Once you install the Nokia 8 camera app on Moto G5 Plus, it lets you access the same Nokia 8 features on your device. The developer himself tested the app on it’s device and said that the Moto G5 Plus is taking great photos in HDR mode and it comes with Front White Flash for selfies. The APK weighs in around 66MB just click on link below to access the download link. If you further want to know details about the Nokia 8 camera port for Moto G5 Plus then you can see the details below.

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File Details:

File Name: Camera_Nokia_8.02.apk

Size: 66MB

Download Nokia 8 ported camera for Moto G5 Plus. Click here

Source XDA

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