Install LG’s stock firmware using LGUP flash tool

In this brief guide we are going to show you the easiest method to install Stock firmware on LG device via LGUP flash tool. The process is very easy all you need to do is just simply follow the sequence of steps to flash/install LG stock ROM using LGUP flashtool. The LG’s stock firmware files are mostly in KDZ format and that’s what the LGUP tools is made for.

LGUP tool works just like Samsung’s Odin tool, if a new firmware update is released via OTA but you are not getting it, then you can manually install the LG stock firmware using LGUP flashtool. On the other side the manual update process is also useful if you have accidentally bricked your device or stuck in boot logo, then there is no other option except installing the firmware via flashtool.

Installing LG’s stock firmware using LGUP is very easy as we mentioned above, it’s the just the game of click no more fastboot command or recovery flashable process. Just download the LG stock firmware KDZ, choose it on LGUP and start the installation process, now let’s go ahead and see the process to flash stock firmware on LG devices via LGUP flash tool.

How to install stock firmware on LG using LGUP fash tool


Install latest USB drivers on PC. Grab them here

Download latest LGUP flashtool from this link and extract it in a specific folder,

A stock firmware KDZ is required for this operation. It must be given in the referrer post or download it from the official LG website.

Process to install stock ROM on LG devices using LGUP flash tool

Now open the folder where you have extracted the LGUP flashtool.

You will see 2 files in the folder, DLL file and the LGUP file.

Click on the LGUP tool to run it.

It is the time to connect your device to your PC. As soon as your device is detected it will be listed on the LGUP screen.

Now click on ‘Upgrade’ in LGUP tool and choose the path where the KDZ file is located and select it.

Click on the start button and will see the process will be started

Your device will restart itself once the process is completed.

That’s it! if you have successfully Installed the Stock Firmware on your LG device via LGUP tool give us your feedback.

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