How to unlock bootloader on Essential Phone

In this guide you will be able to unlock bootloader on Essential Phone, the bootloader unlock process is quite easy all you need to do is just pay attention on each step to avoid issue during the process.

Once you successfully unlock bootloader of Essential Phone, you would be able to customize your device as per your choice because afterward you can get root access on your device and also install TWRP recovery as well.

What you can do when after bootloader unlock on Essential Phone device?

A device with an unlocked bootloader is relatively more open to customization then the locked one. Once you unlock bootloader on your Essential Phone, the gate to the world of possibilities gets opened for you. You can flash a variety of custom ROMs on your device, upgrade/downgrade firmware, install latest custom recovery like TWRP, get root access, install mods and more.

How to unlock bootloader on a Essential Phone


The bootloader unlock process wipes the device completely, so create a secure back up of your entire data.

Download the latest version of Essential Phone USB drivers and install them on PC. Follow this guide

Set up adb and fastboot drivers on PC as well. Follow this guide

Enable USB debugging on phone, go to Settings >> Developer options >> USB debugging. (Note: To enable Developer options tap build number 7 times until it says ‘You are now a developer’)

Enable OEM unlock option in the Developer Options.

Process to unlock bootloader on Essential Phone

Now open command prompt on your PC, to open it press Shift + Right Mouse Click and left click the ‘Open command window here’ option.

Command windows will appear on your desktop, now type the following command in the command window to reboot your device into fastboot/bootloader mode.

adb reboot bootloader

Your device will reboot to bootloader mode, if it shows, ‘waiting for device’ or ‘device not detected’ then follow this guide to fix the issue.

Once in bootloader mode, issue the following command to unlock bootloader on Essential Phone

fastboot flashing unlock

Now confirm the bootloader unlock process.

Reboot your device by typing “fastboot reboot” in the command window.

That’s it! You have successfully learned to unlock bootloader on a Essential Phone. Stay tune for more updates and give us your feedback.

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