How to root Moto X4 (Android One)

Motorola released Moto X4 a few days back and now developers have started their work on this new device, one of them has successfully rooted Moto X4 via Chainfire’s Autoroot. If you own a Moto X4 and wish to root it then simply follow our instructions below in this guide we are going to show you the step by step process to root Moto X4 (Android One).

There are some pros and cons of rooting a device, first we describe the Pros, once you successfully get root access on your device you can then perform unlimited modification and tweak your device including installing custom recovery, custom ROM, installing overclocking kernels and a lot more. On the other side once your device gets rooted it’s warranty expires because you need to unlock it’s bootloader first so think twice before proceeding to the root process.

How to root Moto X4 (Android One)

You need to set up following things before going ahead for the rooting process.

Download and install fresh USB drivers for Motorola on PC. Download latest USB drivers.

Set up adb and fastboot drivers, follow this guide to set them up withing 15 seconds (required for adb connection between PC and Computer)

Now follow this guide to unlock bootloader on Moto X4 (Android One)

Process to root Moto X4 (Android One)

Download boot.img. Here

Now turn off your device until screen completely turns off.

Now press Vol download + Power button simultaneously for 2 seconds, your device will boot into fastboot mode and that’s where it needs to be.

Connect your device to PC via USB cable.

Now you need to open command window, to do so , Press shift + Right Mouse Click and then choose “Open command window here” as shown in the screenshot.

Now in the command window, type the following command to get root access on Moto X4.

Fastboot boot boot.img

After executing the above command your device will reboot multiple times but after the final boot, you will see SuperSU app in the app drawer, that mean your device is now rooted. To confirm whether your device is rooted, download root checker app from Google Play.

That’s it! We hope to hear your feedback, if this guide helped you please share it with other, Thank You!


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