How to install TWRP recovery on all Samsung Galaxy devices via Odin

This guide is about installing TWRP recovery on all Samsung devices using Odin. Odin is a very important tool designed for Samsung devices to upgrade/downgrade stock firmware, flashing custom Kernels, custom recoveries and much more. Even some custom ROMs are meant to be installed via Odin, the tool has a very simple interface and performs multiple operation using a single click. The TWRP custom recovery for Samsung devices is mostly in .tar extension that means the recovery is flashable via Odin.

TWRP for most of the Samsung devices are now available and you can follow this guide to flash TWRP custom recovery on all Samsung Galaxy devices. TWRP recovery is mostly preferred over other because of it’s simple interface and great features. You can flash different ROMs, install SuperSU root package and even back/restore the existing firmware before installing the new one. The Nandroid back is very important as you can easily restore it when you are unsuccessful in flashing the intended ROM on your device.

You can flash both Official TWRP or UNOFFICIAL TWRP builds on your device, both work same only difference is one is released by official TEAMWIN developers and the other being opensource could be compiled and released by anyone mostly release by XDA devs. We have been posting tutorials on both Official/Unofficial build of TWRP custom recovery you can visit our website to download the TWRP custom recovery for your device.

How to install TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy devices via Odin

Note: The guide includes process to flash TWRP recovery on Samsung devices, the writer is not responsible for any damage to your device while the installation process. 

Download latest Odin 3.12.3

If you have working USB drivers for your device installed on PC then you are good to go else download them here.

Download the latest TWRP for your device here if the referrer page hasn’t given it.

Process to flash TWRP recovery on Galaxy devices via Odin

Extract the above downloaded Odin 3.12.3 zip and in the extracted folder run the Odin3 file on PC.

Now turn Off your device completely and boot it to Download mode, to see how to enter Download Mode follow this guide.

Keep your device at download mode now connect it with your PC using USB cable, as soon as you connect your device the Odin window on your PC will show “Added” text, that means your device is detected by Odin.

Now click the AP tab in Odin and choose the download TWRP recovery .tar file. Leave the other options as they are don’t modify them.

It’s a time to start the installation process, to do so, click Start on Odin and wait for the process to complete.

If the process goes smoothly then you’ll see a pass message in the same window where you saw added message earlier.

Your device will now reboot automatically when the process is completed.

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