How to Install Substratum Theme on Galaxy Note 8 without rooting

Substratum is one of the most popular theme engine for available for all Android devices running stock Android, AOSP ROM or any third party ROM. Substratum give you an option to apply theme on any Android device that hasn’t a built in option for themes, great news is that Substratum is now available for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well. If you own a Galaxy Note 8 you can download and install the Substratum theme engine on your Note 8 without root, sounds great! Just read the instruction below to install Substratum theme engine on Galaxy Note 8 without root.

Substratum was initially available for rooted device running Android 7.0 or above but great news is that if you own an Android device running Oreo Android 8.0 then no root is required to install Substratum on it. Substratum team has expanded it’s support and now Substratum theme engine is released for Samsung devices as well, in this guide we are going to show you the process to download and install Substratum theme engine on Galaxy Note 8. Although Galaxy Note 8 has a built in theme support but Substratum gives you much customized theme options. In this guide, we will see how to install Substratum on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without root.

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Substratum for Galaxy Note 8

As mentioned above, Substratum is now available for all Galaxy Note 8 running Android Oreo without root. So you don’t need to get stuck in the lengthy process to root first, just download the below listed 2 apps from Google Play and install them as instructed to get Substratum theme engine on Galaxy Note 8.

Download and install Substratum theme engine for Galaxy Note 8

Download Substratum Theme Engine for Galaxy Note 8. Google Play

Download Substratum Samsung addon. Google Play

Process to install Substratum Theme Engine on Galaxy Note 8

  1. Make sure you have installed the above listed app from Google Play Store.
  2. Download a theme that doesn’t rely on the Android System or Theme Ready Google Apps. So, find themes like Swift Black or Swift Dark on Google Play Store.
  3. Once the theme is installed, the Substratum app will notify you that a new theme has been installed.
  4. Now open the theme in Substratum > click on the app [one at a time, at least for now] and click the button in the bottom right corner.
  5. Click Install and let it compile. It asks for APK install then allow it.
  6. You can switch to the application which you were trying to theme and see if it is properly themed.

That’s it! We hope you have successfully learned to know, how to Install Substratum Theme on Galaxy Note 8. Give us your feedback and stay connected for more tips.

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