How to install ADB-and-Fastboot drivers on Windows PC

Welcome Reader! If you are looking for the safe, easiest and quick installation of ADB-and Fastboot drivers on your PC then you are at the right place. We have mentioned below the quickest method to install ADB and Fastboot drivers for your Android device on PC. The ADB and Fastboot are the necessary element in any command prompt based connection between your Android device and PC.

What are these two terms ADB and Fastboot? If you have little knowledge of flashing TWRP recovery via fastboot, parsing packages on your device via PC, sideload apps or other stuff that required a device to PC connection then you should know the importance of these drivers. ADB stands for ‘Android Debug Bridge’ and is responsible for establishing connection between your device and PC.

On the other hand Fastboot is a mode on your device which your need to activate on your device either by command prompt or manually using button combination, it helps you flashing .img files on your device like TWRP, boot.img or even stock system files. So ADB and Fastboot is a complete set of instructions that lets you create a bridge between your Android device and PC for communication via commands.

Below we have posted the quickest method to flash the ADB-and-Fastboot along drivers on your PC, credit goes to the developer ‘snoop05‘ at XDA for creating this drivers set so just go ahead and follow the instructions.

How to install ADB-and-Fastboot drivers on PC

Just download the ADB installer v1.4.3.exe from here and install it on your PC.

Once installed, run the adb-setup 1.4.3.exe.

A blue command window will appear on your desktop with some instructions written in it.

You need to press the Y key for Yes followed by Enter and follow the onscreen instructions.

The window will be closed itself upon successful installation of ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC.

That’s all! You have now working adb and fastboot drivers installed on your PC.

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