How to get Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad

Google Assistant is the virtual voice assistant that was first introduced by Search giant on Pixel devices. The Google Assistant feature was limited to Pixel devices but later it was officially made available for all the Android devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. When it comes to quality of smart features, Google has not match and that’s the reason the Google Assistant is being widely available for multiple Platform.

As of now, Google Assistant is available for iOS platform on app store, you can easily set it up on your Apple iPhone or iPad and use it instead of Apple’s Siri. You can access the Google Assistant from your iPhone or iPad the same way you do for Siri. The Google Assistant will replace Siri on your device so you can use it as your default voice assistant. Just follow the simple steps below to set up Google Assistant on iOS running Apple devices.

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How to setup Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad

Before you begin make sure your device jail-broken and Cydia Activator is installed on it.

Download Google Assistant for iOS from App Store. Download

Steps to setup Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Activator for Cydia on your iOS device and then choose ‘Anywhere’ option.
  2. Now Navigate until you see Home Button section, choose Long Hold, now continue scrolling down until you see Google Assistant App in the list.
  3. Now Choose small ‘i’ button and then select ‘Open immediately’.
  4. Then you need to go back to Settings Menu and disable Siri from the Siri section.
  5. Now perform last step, block ‘Voice Control’, to do so, again launch the Cydia Activator then choose Short Hold > Do Nothing.

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That’s it! You have successfully activated Google Assistant on your iOS device. If you have any query please post it in the comment box.

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