How to fix “Waiting for device” issue in adb/fastboot

This guide is about, how to fixwaiting for device” error in adb and fastboot using command prompt. The “waiting for device” issue is more common and often users are heard complaining about this annoying error on their PC. This is not an error in fact the problem is in the phone connection to PC, where your device is not detected by the computer and it generated the ‘waiting for device’ message.

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, the responsibility of adb is to build a bridge(connection) between PC and an Android device to establish a smooth connection between both device. The fastboot is a mode that allows you to perform multiple flash operation including flash custom recovery, pushing zip file to phone or any on your Android device by using commands through PC.

The adb-and-fastboot is a problem channel through which an Android device communicates with a computer. If the connection is not completed then you will see that annoying ‘waiting for device’ message in the command window. Below we have mentioned these quick fixes for this issue, i tried it personally and it worked for me, I hope the same process helps you as well.

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How to fix ‘Waiting for device’ error in adb and fastboot

Follow these simple steps to solve the ‘waiting for device’ issue on PC.

Un-install the previous USB drivers for Android device and install the latest version back. You can download the latest USB drivers for your device from the link below.

Download latest USB drivers for Android

Set up adb and fastboot drivers on PC, follow the 15 seconds quickest process to install adb and fastboot on your device.

Once you install the fresh USB drivers on PC, now unlock your device and go to Settings >> Developer options >> USB Debugging and enable it.

If you can see the Developers options, go to Settings again then About device >> Build number and tap it 7 times until it says “You are now a developer”. This will enable Developer options on your device.

Hope this guide helped you in fixing the ‘Waiting for device’ error on Android. Give us your feedback.

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