How to Delete Older WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

WhatsApp a few weeks back bring one of the most awaited feature of deletion of sent messages for everyone. This update was released after lot of research and several beta version from developers behind WhatsApp. This feature of unsending the sent messages will help a lot of people in getting them out of trouble. As sometimes, even by mistake you forward someone’s messages to someone else whom you don’t want to see, so here this new feature of WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” will rescue you. Just tap the message that you want to unsend and it will came up with a couple of options saying “Delete for me” and “Delete for everyone”, tap on “delete for everyone” and it will delete the sent messages for everyone in the group or for any individual. You can also select more than one messages to delete at a time.

There is a minor glitch or you can say some limitations in this latest feature, as you can only delete the sent messages with in a limited time of seven minutes. After that you are on your own to justify your message. Well we figured out one of the most simple solution for this problem, and now you can delete any message at any time, either it is sent a few hours, a week or a month earlier. What you need to do is just follow below simple steps to become a pro of this WhatsApp feature.

Delete Old WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

Step 1: Disable wifi and data on your phone.

Step 2: Go to your WhatsApp messenger to check the exact date and time of the sent message that you want to delete for everyone.

Step 3: Go to Date and Time Settings.

Step 4: Disable Automatic Date and Time Selection.

Step 5: Select Date and Time manually and match it to the exact sent message timings, that you want to delete.

Step 6: Open WhatApp and select the message to delete.

Step 7: You will see it will come up with both option of “delete for me” and “delete for everyone”

Step 8: Tap on “delete for everyone” and it will erase that message for everyone.

Step 9: Turn on your internet and set your phone’s date and time automatic.

That’s it, we tested this method by ourselves and it worked like a charm. This method works like a time machine, as it takes you back to the time and date of the sent message, tricks WhatsApp to retrieve the “delete for everyone” option.

Give us your feedback, and tell us your experience of unsend old sent WhatsApp messages in below comment section.

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