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Download the latest World War Heroes 1.18.0 apk and World War Heroes 1.18.0 mod apk from below in this post. You can download the same latest version from play store directly, however for manual installation follow the below guide to download and install the apk file manually on your Android devices. There is no difference between the game play of normal apk and mod apk, except the modded version comes up with unlimited perks like unlimited money, unlocked items and much more. So grab these amazing files from below and also know more about this game as well.

World War Heroes is based on second world war and it will take you back in those bloody days where, all the nations were fighting with each other for their dominance and defense. Enjoy from a variety of 7 different modes, each comes up with it’s own unique game play. Start with the hard core mode and you will be trained like anything and smash your enemies like a pro. Choose open style game play by jumping in death match where you are not restricted to play under certain circumstances instead just fight and keep killing enemies, it’s an individual race, the one with highest kills will be the winner. Also try the same mode with team and enjoy team death-match with a couple of teams face to face fighting for their dominance. The team with higher score of kills will be the winner just like it was in normal death match mode. Also to keep it more fun by trying Bomb mode where one team will plant a bomb on various location and other team have to prevent it from exploding by first destroying the defense and later defusing the bomb with in given time period. Beside these different modes also try team squad and a couple of other modes as well. These different game play modes are the main attraction of this game and it will never make you feel bore with it.

What’s new in World War Heroes version 1.18.0:

Celebration of the Chinese New Year has started:
– To help you celebrate we’ve added special content: an Oriental hat and Chinese firecrackers;
– The “Offers” window was decorated for the occasion;
– Anti-cheat system was improved;
– Battle Pass rewards are now displayed in the modes list;
– Melee attack mechanics were improved;
– AndroidX support was added;
– Minor bugs were fixed.

Updated: January 22, 2020

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Download and install World War Heroes 1.18.0 Apk and mod apk

Download World War Heroes apk and World War Heroes mod apk from below given direct download links.

Install it by following this GUIDE.

Download World War Heroes 1.18.0 Apk | Mod Apk

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