Top 5 best messaging apps for Android 2017

Traditional texting method is gradually going down with the increasing use of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber and other social networks. But there is something special about text messaging service that gives it an edge over other data driven social messaging applications, you can send text messages even without need of proper internet or mobile data. Now a days SMS package plans are more cheaper then before so the use of traditional SMS messaging service cannot come to end.

Android devices have a built-in stock messaging app but that application doesn’t gives you more customization options then other third party apps available at Google Play. So if you think you are tired of watching the same blank interfaced SMS app then there are tons of multiple third party SMS Apps on the Play Store. Below we have mentioned some of the top most popular SMS Messaging apps for the year 2017. You can read our review about all of them and choose the one you find best for you.

Top best Messaging apps for Android 2017

Go SMS Pro:

Go SMS Pro is a great app with wonderful features and greater design with hefty options. It is available for free with adds but you can buy it’s add free pro version with unlimited features. The app is lite and gives you the best feel of a colorful SMS app along theme support and customization options. Some of the main features of Go SMS Pro are Private box option for encrypted messages, pop up notifications, dual SIM compatibility, delay to send and SMS blocker to block the SMS from strangers.

Download Go SMS Pro

Chomp SMS:

Chomp SMS is also one of the most downloaded SMS App all around the world. I like Chomp SMS more then other because of it’s simple interface, more customizable interface and features along theme support. There are hundreds of beautiful Chomp SMS themes are available on Google Play, you send contact avatar as round or square. Set the size of text, adjust colors and even set custom fonts. If you are interested in downloading a best SMS app then give a try to latest version of Chomp SMS.

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Android Messages (Google Messenger):

Google products are always amazing as well as more attractive. Google Messenger is the official text messaging app released by biggest search giant Google, The App is best for those who like to get the stock Android experience on their device, Google Messenger is the default app on all the Google phones and running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. The runs pretty smooth but unlike above mentioned apps, you cannot customize the app, it remains in its default settings. But as it is a Google’s product so this is best for those who want to have a simple and efficient app on their device.

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Handcent Next SMS:

Handcent Next SMS is just another text messaging app like the one’s we discussed above. It got some wonderful features that gives it edge above others, you can Synchronize your contacts with cloud storage, customize interface, theme support and Private box feature that lets you store your private conversation protected by password. A new feature called Handcent anywhere, that lets you text from your computer without touching the device and group texting features.

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Textra SMS:

Textra SMS is super lite app best for users who want to get a faster response from their Android device. The customizing stuff is much more easier and user friendly you can easily set your text color, background, conversation background, bubble style options and more. You can also change the color of SMS app as well, the black listing feature along SMS backup and restore options are the notable features.

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