MONOLISK Apk Mod version 1.021

Download the latest MONOLISK apk along the most wanted MONOLISK mod apk for version 1.021. This game came up with this version a few hours ago and we managed to pull out the apk file for you to download and install it manually on your Android devices. There is no game play difference between these both files except the modded version of this game gives you extra perks like unlimited money and all the stuff unlocked even before you start playing the game. So, grab this MONOLISK modded apk file from below and enjoy the game at it’s fullesyt.


MONOLISK lies in the category of role playing game and it is developed by Trickster Arts. This all starts from creating your own dungeons with any map of your own choice and later get ready to fight with gazillions of creatures that will come your way. Show your epic tactics to overcome your enemy and keep moving forward. Collect cards with different stuff including equipment, abilities, creatures and environments. Take control of designing unique levels for your friends and hundreds of online players. Also customize your heroes with different skills and outfits to make them prominent in the battle field. Complete one level successfully to get into new one with way more challenges and adventures. So, grab the apk files for MONOLISK from below and enjoy the game.

Video Description of MONOLISK

What’s new in MONOLISK v1.021

Amounts of stars needed for next free pack reduced
Stars multiplier implemented to increase stars gains from shards level 11 and higher
Improved sign text readability

Updated: March 10, 2020

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Download and install MONOLISK Apk and Mod Apk

Download the MONOLISK 1.021 apk and MONOLISK 1.021 mod apk from below given download links.

Install these files with the help of this detailed GUIDE.

Download MONOLISK 1.021 Apk | Mod

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