iPhone X pre-orders price hike upto $1500 on e-bay for basic model

iPhone X the latest innovation from tech Giant Apple got its pre-orders yesterday and soon after the opening of pre-orders on e-bay, the site officials reported several thousand customer popped in with in the matter of minutes and seems like even Apple was not prepared for this response. The Average price for the basic 64GB model hiked upto $1500. We are still not sure what is the actual price of iPhone X as officially they announced a price tag of $999 for 64GB model and it goes upto $1149 for its 256GB model.

Seems like every one wants to get their hands on this latest development from Apple as earlier as possible, what Apple really need to do is to prepare for the worst cases, in other words the best case for Apple as its flagship device’s demand is touching skies, so they should give their loyal customers a relief and ship the orders as soon as possible by keeping the production of iPhone X in a little efficient way.

People are preferring to buy their new love from e-bay as Apple’s official online store is giving long delivery dates after the pre-order. So according to e-bay they found an immense hike in iPhone X search and pre-orders over their site. Even some people posted their crazy iPhone X pre-orders for sale at the price of their dreams and demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well wait and see who will be among the lucky ones to get their hands on the latest iPhone X in its regular and official price.


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