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Hyper Heroes came up with another exciting update and the latest version rolling out on Google Play is Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.86341. You can download this latest version from play store directly, however for manual installation you can follow our step by step guide to install the Hyper Heroes apk file from below in this post. Also follow our detailed guide which will help you in getting this new version manually easily on any compatible Android device.

Also get your hands on the Hyper Heroes mod apk as well which will give you a superior game play mode than the normal version. This modified version will give you everything unlimited and unlocked that the normal version don’t offer. So, grab this amazing offer from below as well.

Jump into unlimited battles between your heroes and super monsters, and smash them with your blasting powers. Choose from a variety of different game play modes and participate in players vs enemies mode that you can play anytime with random enemies. The most popular players vs players mode lets you compete with thousands of online players from all across the globe. Keep polishing your skills and keep winning different challenges to earn rewards, later spend that rewarded amount on upgrading your heroes and their powers. You have to graft the skills of each individual, as each hero is packed with tons of unique skills set and all you need is peal it off gradually after the completion of every successful battle.

What’s New in Hyper Heroes version

New Feature: Hero Skin
Equip your Heroes with Skins to modify their appearance and give them stats boost!

New Feature: Monthly Skin Event
Loot Skin Token by completing a series of monthly challenges!

Updated: April 9, 2019

Get more details from Google Play Store

Download and install Hyper Heroes Apk and Mod Apk

Download Hyper Heroes apk and Hyper Heroes mod apk files from below.

Install them by following this GUIDE.

Download Hyper Heroes Apk | Mod Apk

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