How to fix Galaxy Note 8 slow charging issue

Samsung released it’s flagship Note device Galaxy Note 8 a few months back, after the Note 7 fiasco Samsung has made huge improvements over the hardware along¬†battery that was responsible for disaster. Samsung has equipped Galaxy Note 8 with a 3300mAh battery that sports wireless and fast charging in the device.

Despite all the improvements in Note 8 we have heard users reporting in an online forum about slow charging issue on Galaxy Note 8, this is not a manufacturer fault but it’s an issue from the user’s end which can be fixed easily. In this brief tutorial we will guide you on how to fix slow charging issue on Galaxy Note 8.

As we mentioned above Galaxy Note 8 comes with a 3300mAh battery but if you charge it a standard charger it will take longer to charge. So thanks to the fast charging feature on Galaxy Note 8 that lets you charge your phone quickly, new users don’t really explore their device and start complaining about the issue.

If you are also facing slow charging issue on Note 8 then follow the simple steps below to see how to fix slow charging issues on Galaxy Note 8.

How to fix slow charging issue on Galaxy Note 8

The slow charging issues arise due to various minor problems that are un-noticed by the user including, faulty USB cable, damaged USB port and even faulty power source (charger). But first of all we will check our device whether the fast charging option is enabled or not? To enable fast charging on Note 8 just follow the simple steps.

Process to fix slow charging issue on Galaxy Note 8

  • Open the Settings menu on your device and scroll download until you see Battery option.
  • Now tap on Battery, this will open further option.
  • Among the option you need to check out the charging option that includes, “Fast cable Charging” and “Fast Wireless Charging”.
  • Now tap the fast charging option between either of them.

Once enabled, now go back and charge your device and you may feel the difference. If not check the USB port or change the cable. Stay tuned for more updates.

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