How to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android right now

Following Dark Mode on YouTube for iOS, now you can enable YouTube Dark Mode on your Android device right away. If you are a regular YouTube user then this guide is for you, in this guide you will be able to apply dark mode in YouTube on your Android device. Just read more to know How to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android.

Dark mode on YouTube is a new feature that lets you change the YouTube UI from light to dark hence great for some AMOLED display as well as reduced light emission from the display. YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming service, it provides you the great platform for earning money as well. You can monetize your YouTube channel and earn money with respect to the contents you produce the greater number of views the more money you make online. Previously we heard about iOS giving an option to change the UI to Dark which makes easier for you to look at the screen in night.

The Dark Mode is not only absent on YouTube app alone but if you look at all the apps from Google those all apps have light back ground. Multiple user requested dark mode for YouTube and some other apps but still no response from Google. As of now according to some rumors it seems that Google is planning to introduce a Dark theme for it’s YouTube app. The release of official YouTube update with Dark Mode is still not in sight but if you wish to access the Dark theme in YouTube on Android then just follow the instructions below.

How to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android

Before you begin lets us tell you that you need root access on your Android device or in other words your Android device must be rooted. Visit our root section and search for your device.

Open Google Play Store app on your Android and install Preferences Manager App.

Open the App once installed and find YouTube app among the list of other apps.

Now open youtube.xml > Search for dark

Change both values from false to true

If you don’t have the values, add them (theme_dark_app and theme_dark_watch_panel) and change them to true
Save and then force close YouTube.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled the YouTube Dark Theme Mode on Android.


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