Google Assistant Go is now available on Google Play

Google Assistant Go is now available for all Android Go Edition devices in the Google Play. The Google Assistant Go is a light weighted Assistant for all Android devices currently available through the Google app which performs all the necessary actions.

Google Assistant Go is now available on Google Play

We tried to install it on our Android Nougat running device but it says the app is not compatible with our phone. It is only flashable on the Android Go Edition phone, which we don’t have at the moment.

As we cannot give it a test drive but according to the description in the Google Play, the app perform some features as reminders, controls for smart home devices, Actions on Google, and Device Actions are not currently available for Android Go devices through this app.

You can run Google Assistant on any Android Go phone by tapping on the app icon or long pressing Home button just like other smartphones. Since Android Go Edition phones are cheaper devices which may not contain the hardware for voice recognition like “OK Google” or “Hey Google” but you can perform the above mentioned basic functions smoothly.

With the Google Assistant Go, you can:

Make quick phone calls on the go (“Call Sameer”)

Send text messages (“Text Sara I am running late”)

Play music (“Play some jazz on YouTube”)

Navigate places (“Get me directions to the nearest coffee shop”)

Preview your upcoming events (“Tell me about my day”)

Weather information (“Do I need an umbrella today?”)

Answers (“How tall is Mount Everest?”)

You can head to Google Play and download the Google Assistant Go for Android Go phone. We will update the link to download Google Assistant Go for other devices soon.

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