Get Android Oreo Icons On any Android device [Download]

Now you can download and install beautiful Android Oreo icon pack on any Android device. The Android Oreo icon pack is available for free, you can just grab the apk and install it on your device. If you wish to install Android Oreo Icon pack on your Android device then just keep scrolling down to see the download link along instructions to install stock Oreo icon for Android.

As you already know Android 8.0 Oreo update has been around for a while now and Google has already updated it’s Nexus and Pixel units with the latest Android 8.1 Oreo update. The Oreo update brings revamped notification shade, quick reply, autofill, Picture in Picture mode and a lot more. The Oreo update also brings tweaks in the UI as well, the icons get round shape and even more colorful as you can see in the screenshots below.

The Android Oreo icons pack for Android is available on Google Play, you just need to follow our instruction below to install Android Oreo icons pack on your Android. Once you install the Android Oreo icons pack on your Android device you can just get a glimpse of Android Oreo UI on your device. We have captured these screenshots running Apex launcher on Moto X Force Dual.

Download and install Android Oreo icons pack on Android

Below you can see the screenshots of Android Oreo icons pack for Android.

How to Apply Android Oreo Icon Pack on Android

Download the Android Oreo Icon Pack app from Google Play.

After installing the app from Google Play Store, follow the below instructions:

Open the Android Oreo icon pack app from the App drawer.

Now Tap on the top left corner > Apply.

It will display the list of supported launcher on your device.

Now tap on the launcher of your choice to install it.

Once the launcher is installed then you need to apply the Android Oreo icon pack via Launcher settings.


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