Download PPP2.180412.013 Android P DP2 factory images for Pixel devices

Google has finally released the second Developer Preview Factory DP2 factory images for both 2016 and 2017 Pixel devices. The Android P DP2 update is available as build ppp2.180412.013 and is available to download as Developer Preview factory images. This is the second test update for testers and the official roll out will begin in Q3 2018. The latest update brings gesture-based navigation controls options and the rumored pill home button and back button are still present while the Recent or Overview button is gone. Further two new options in the Gestures menu are added the first labeled as “Swipe up on Home button” and the second option is “Prevent ringing”. Multiple battery related improvements are also made the addition of adaptive battery option. If you are getting impatient to install the Android P factory images on your device then follow the instructions below.

You can directly download the OTA and factory images from the link below and install the update manually on your device. The Android P ppp2.180412.013 is available for all Pixel devices including 2016 Google Pixel and Pixel XL, 2017 Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. If you are getting impatient to install Android P on your device then follow the instructions below.

Download ppp2.180412.013 Android P DP2 factory images for all Pixel devices

Before you begin:

Your device must be charges at least 70% to avoid shut down during the process.

Your device bootloader should be unlocked or follow this guide to unlock it.

Process to install PPP2.180412.013 Android P Developer Preview 2 factory images for all Pixel devices

Download the Android P ppp2.180412.013 factory images from the end of post.

Once you successfully downloaded the Android P Developer Preview factory image for your device, follow the steps below to install it.

Now reboot your device into fastboot/bootloader mode. To do so, turn of your device completely then press and hold the Volume down + Power buttons simultaneously until your device boots into fastboot mode.

Now head towards the installation page to see the further installation process.

Give us your feedback about, the new Android P firmware on your Pixel device.

Download Android P second Developer preview ppp2.180412.013 factory images for all Pixel devices. Here

Download Android P ppp2.180412.013 OTA: Here

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