Download November security patch OTA/factory images for Nexus and Pixel devices

It’s seventh day of November, Google has started rolling out Security Patch update for this month of November 2017. The update once installed on the device fixes the security vulnerabilities and bugs found on the previous version including the protection from the KRACK vulnerability. The November patch for Nexus and Pixel devices is now live for all the Pixel and Nexus phones excluding the Pixel 2 XL that will get the update later.

You will get the update via OTA if your device is not rooted but if you are good at manual installation then what are you waiting for? In this guide you can scroll below and install the November security update on your device. We have mentioned the factory images in the download link below for your ease, just go ahead and see the installation instructions.

Install November Security updates on Nexus and Pixel devices

Before you begin:

Your device must be charges atleast 70% to avoid shut down during the process.

Latest USB drivers must be installed on PC. You can download them right away.

Set up ADB drivers on PC. Follow this guide

Process to install November security update on Pixel and Nexus devices

Once you downloaded the firmware for your device, for further instructions on how to flash the factory images on Nexus devices follow this guide.

Download section:

Here you can find the download link for November security patch as factory images and OTA’s.

November security patch for Google Pixel 2:

Download November security patch OPD1.170816.018 for Google Pixel 2 (factory image, OTA)

For DTAG – download OPD2.170816.015 (factory image, OTA)

For Verizon variant – download OPD3.170816.016 (factory image, OTA)

November security patch for Google Pixel:

Google Pixel – download OPR1.170623.032 (factory image, OTA)

For Project Fi/Canadian variant – download OPR3.170623.013 (factory image, OTA)

November security patch for Google Pixel XL:

Google Pixel XL – download OPR3.170623.013 (factory image, OTA)

For Project Fi/Canada –download OPR1.170623.032 (factory image, OTA)

Download OPR1.170623.032 for Google Pixel C (factory image, OTA)

Download OPR5.170623.011 for Nexus 6P (factory image, OTA)

Download OPR6.170623.023 for Nexus 5X (factory image, OTA)

Download OPR2.170623.027 for Nexus Player (factory image, OTA)

Android Security Bulletin

That’s it! Stay tuned for more updates!

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