Download Moto Z 2016 Oreo Kernel Source Code

After rolling out stable Android Oreo update towards Moto Z 2016, Motorola finally released Oreo Kernel Source Code for the Moto Z 2016. According to General Public License, smartphone manufacturers are required to publish the kernel source code on every modification that they make in the Android kernel. Motorola is known best for releasing Kernel source code on time after a few days each new device is released.

The Kernel source code is the base for building custom ROM’s for that particular device, today it is released for Moto Z 2016. The Kernel source for Moto Z 2016 is based on Android Oreo, as LineageOS 15 ROM is already released for Moto Z 2016 so this kernel source code will help developers in developing Oreo based improved custom ROMs. If you have no idea what is a kernel source code, just see the brief description below.

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What is a Kernel source code?

The kernel source code for a specific device helps developers community in producing custom ROMs and other development for the device. The source code is helpful in developing mods, tweaking stuff and custom firmware by following the software architecture developed by the device manufacturer.

Download Android Oreo Kernel Source Code for Moto Z 2016

If you are also a developer and own a Moto Z 2016 then just click on the link below to download the Kernel Source Code for Moto Z 2016. But if you are not a developer then you should wait and keep an eye on the developers work on Moto Z 2016 regarding custom ROM release.

Download Moto Z 2016 Kernel Source Code

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