Download Google Pixel 2 Camera App for 2016 Pixel flagships

Pixel line smartphone line from Google comes with the one of the best camera sensor along great Google Camera application with versatile features. Google Pixel 2 line also maintains the same camera superiority among other vendors, the Pixel 2 camera is known the best camera in any smartphone.

Those how want to experience the goodies of Pixel 2 camera right away then we have a great news for you, XDA developers after porting Pixel 2 launcher now have the latest Pixel 2 Camera application extracted from the original Pixel 2′ firmware.

Download Google Pixel 2 Camera App for Pixel flagships

So if you want to get a slice of the action then we have posted the download link for Google Pixel 2 camera below. The Google Pixel 2 Camera app brings handful of new features including revamped UI as well as Motion Photos, Portrait mode and Face Retouching feature.

The Motion Photos is a very interesting feature that records short video clips, you can also adjust the settings of Motion Photos in the camera application. The Google Pixel 2 camera APK weighs around 64MB and can be downloaded from the below link.

Download: Google Pixel 2 Camera App

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