Download Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 Apk Mod

Download the latest Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 apk from below in this post, that came with lot of new additions along many minor bugs are also reported to be fixed. This latest version can be downloaded directly from play store, however for manual installation you can grab this Critical Ops apk file from below given download links.

We also upload the Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 mod apk file as well that is having the same game play but it will give you unlimited money that will help you in buying and upgrading your guns, pistols and other weapons for free. You can get locked stuff before time with the help of this Critical Ops mod apk and it will keep you one step ahead of all of other players from all across the globe.

Critical Ops is an action first person shooter game in which you will experience some of the most challenging combat battles in super detailed maps along a variety of game modes. Choose a team of warriors and jump into battle ground and smash your enemies with a great team work or choose individual mission and unleash hell against your opponents by destroying the given objectives. Your achievement is determined by the outcome and the specific strategy that you followed while eliminating your enemies. Get the best weapons and upgrade them to their max for gaining more advantages during the battles. Choose form a variety of game modes and participate in single player mission to multiplayer online missions. Team death-match will count the maximum numbers of kills and determine your results after counting from both ends. Defuse bomb takes team effort and all you need to do is plant bomb in enemy area and then keep them away from defusing it and same goes to you, if enemy penetrate in your area and successfully planted the bomb then it’s your and yours team mission to defuse the bomb as soon as possible. The team unable to achieve these two tasks will face the defeat.

What’s new in Critical Ops version 1.14.0.f1015:

NEW EVENTS: Critical Pass Season 12 and Operation Warpaint available SOON!
NEW MAP: CARGO has been added to Deathmatch and Gun Game
NEW DEAGLE SKINS: Introduced 15 Deagle skins to Standard and Premium case
ARCTIC and PURIFY maps available in Custom Games
– Fixed a bug with spawn timer
Added status information for Connect and Disconnect screens

Updated: March 8, 2020

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Download and install Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 Apk and Mod Apk

Download the Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 apk and Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 mod apk files from below given download links.

Install them manually with the help of this GUIDE.

Download Critical Ops 1.14.0.f1015 Apk | Mod Apk

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