Download Android Pie Stock Wallpapers

Android Pie is the name of the biggest change in Android OS and it came up with a complete revamped design and especially the user interface got significant changes. Google also added some of the best and newest collection of wallpapers and in this post you will get your hands on all of these Android Pie stock wallpapers. There are total 18 new wallpapers added in this latest version with a resolution of  2880 x 2880 Pixels, that is quite enough for bigger displays as well.

This latest version of Android came up with a completely changed design and revamped gestures after a couple of similar versions of Android in the past two years. Android Pie is mainly focused on user experience and they added few new gestures to make things easy for their users and also the very first thing, that a user considers is the look of the OS. So, Google took special care of that by adding brand new design in apps icons and lot of cool themes are added as well. These Android Pie wallpapers are also best example of the creativity and new look of this latest OS.

Android is always a popular mobile operating system but it is also popular because of lot of errors and lagging since it’s birth, so it’s a little behind when compared to the stability of iOS. Google is working hard to make it error free and the most annoying thing with this system is, it slows the performance of the device with added applications and data. So it would be nice if this latest Pie will give us some smooth experience instead of another resource hungry OS.

Download All Android Pie Wallpapers

Here you go with the brand new 18 wallpapers of Android Pie, grab them all from below and make them you home or lock screen. We uploaded the samples of these wallpapers below, so you could get an idea, what you are actually going to download. The download link is given below the simple.

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Android Pie Stock Wallpapers

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