Download Android P Stock Ringtones and Notification tones

After posting a guide on Android P stock wallpapers today we have brought something different for you, Android P Stock ringtones and notification tones have been released. You can download the Android P stock ringtones from the link below.

Download Android P Stock Ringtones and Notification tones

Google has finally unveiled it’s next OS update Android 9.0 P, the first developer preview is already out for the Pixel units. It seems that Google has worked a lot to make it’s new OS update more convenient regarding ready to go functions. The UI has been completely revamped along new icons and all new fonts and settings. The Android Oreo delivery is still going on, while search giant introduces latest OS update. The developers have extracted the Android P System dump and ported Android P Stock Ringtones and Wallpapers. Just head to the download section below to download Android P Stock Ringtones.

Download Android P Stock Ringtone and Notification tones

The Android P Ringtones zip contains 12 ringtones, 15 notification tones, 12 Alarm tones and 25 UI tones.

Download Android P Stock Ringtones. Size (4MB)

Now connect your device to PC and copy the media folder on the internal storage of your device.

Now open Settings > Sounds > Ringtones, if it ask for you choose custom ringtones from other folder then it’s all set but if this process didn’t helped you follow the process 2 below.

Process 2:

Download the Ringtone maker app from the Google Play

Tap the newly installed app to Open.

In the App’s interface, it will load all the mp3 files available on the device.

Now choose the ringtone of your choice as your default ringtone.


Download Android P Stock Wallpapers

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