Clash of Clans Summer 2018 Update with Town Hall 12 – Detailed Review

Clash of Clans one of the best and most playing online strategy game is again coming up with some huge additions and changes. This Clash of Clans June 2018 update is around the corner and this time Supercell is providing it’s die heart fans a chance to look at, how this big update is going to work by providing Live streaming from their studios.

What is new in Clash of Clans Summer update 2018

Below we added all the details about this latest Clash of Clans update in their own respective categorizes, have a look at each one of them.

Town Hall 12

Town Hall 12 is the major addition in this latest update and now you are not bound to stick with the previous version of Town Hall and it’s old buddings and limited options. The new Town Hall 12 is bringing lot of new buildings, weapons and other stuff.

The most exciting thing about this Town Hall 12 is that, now it can defend itself from opponent’s attack. When an enemy comes in the range of this latest town hall a Giga Tesla will emerge with deadly electric shocks. So, a little bit of relief for all the players out there, as now no need to add extra buildings to protect their town hall but instead town hall is already well protected with builtin protection system.

This latest giga tesla with in Town Hall 12, comes up with the updates options and once you are updated to level 5, your Town Hall 12 will become a massive bomb in it and any near coming enemy troops will get the taste of deadly fire explosion and also Town Hall 12 will blast when destroyed by taking as much enemy troops with it as it can.

Town Hall 12 with new building levels

Whenever a town hall gets an update, most of the building levels also gets an equivalent update and this time with Town Hall 12, there are so many buildings and weapons that got a major update.

Storage Buildings Update:

By upgrading to Town Hall 12, you will be able to update your elixir storage to level 13, Gold storage to level 13 and dark elixir storage to level 7.

Defenses update:

Defenses got a major update as well and now Canon level can go upto level 16, Archer tower to level 16 as well, Mortal level to 11, air defense level to 10, wizard tower level to 11, bomb tower level to 7, X-bow level to 6, hidden tesla level to 10, inferno tower level to 6, eagle artillery level to 3. Wall level also got an update and now you update it upto level 13.

There are many others update to giant bomb, spring trap, air bomb and much more.

The new Siege Machines

Siege machines are the newest in gameplay of clash of Clans and now you got this opportunity to invade enemy base by smashing enemy walls and by destroying enemy defense. These siege machines are prepared and trained in siege workshop and siege workshop is also the newest building that come with Town Hall 12.

The primary purpose of siege machine is to protect your combat troops and release them in the middle of enemy’s base.

New troops level in Town Hall 12

There is no way that troops may neglect this massive update, so all the troops got a major level up and now collect as many elixirs as you can to spend them on upgrading of your troops.

All you need to do is update your laboratory to level 9 to update all of your troops to their next level.

Get the details of each troop update from here.

The new Electro Dragon

Electro Dragon is the deadliest ever things one can imagine. It perform at it’s bets only when updated to the maximum level. Electro dragon can soak a huge amount of energy and it leashes hell to the enemy village by releasing huge electric  bolts.

Pictures Source: Clash of Clans official blog

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