Bottle Flip 3D Apk and Mod Apk v1.42

Bottle Flip 3D just came up with it’s latest version 1.42 with some additions and minor fixes. You can download this latest Bottle Flip 3D apk from below in this post for installing it manually on your Android devices. This latest version can also be downloaded from play store directly as well but for the extracted apk file along the Bottle Flip 3D mod apk, just keep scrolling down followed by a step by step guide. There is no difference between the game play of the normal apk and Bottle Flip 3D hacked apk except the modded version will give you all the locked and purchasable items for free. So, enjoy all the powerful features of this game for free.

Bottle Flip 3D review and game play

This game revolves around the flipping of a bottle from one table to another or from one hurdle to another. All you need to do is keep flipping your bottle in a specific angle by measuring the accurate length so that it lands on the exact targeted place and that place can be a TV or book shelf or any common thing in the living room. Any wrong move or inaccurate angle can cause the dis-balance of bottle and it will fell down. Your task is to complete the challenge till it’s 100 % on every stage. There are multiple 3D environments to go through, all you need is to keep moving one by one successfully to unlock the next level. The on screen easy control are super amazing when it comes to handling.

What’s new in Bottle Flip 3D version 1.42:

Bug fixes and gameplay improvements
More new stuff coming soon!

Updated: September 3, 2019

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Download and install Bottle Flip 3D Apk and Mod Apk

Download Bottle Flip 3D 1.42 apk and Bottle Flip 3D 1.42 mod apk from below given download links.

Install these files manually by following this GUIDE.

Download Bottle Flip 3D 1.42 Apk | Mod Apk

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