What is coming up in Clash of Clans May 2017 Update

Clash of Clans world’s most playing strategy game is on the top since many years and the reason behind its immense success is its new updates each introducing new things and brand new style of gameplay, that keeps the interests of its player in it. The latest and most awaiting update is May 2017 update, that spread lot of suspense among game lovers. Supercell released many videos of this upcoming update in which Clash of Clans favorite characters are chasing waters and trying to reach the other end of the sea, looking for what lies off the shore. A few days back a boat wreckage came up over the beach on all villages showing something related to water is going to be part of this Clash of Clans May 2017 update.

Today Supercell released change log of balancing update in which we have seen many changes and stuff upgrade. Spell levels are enhanced according to certain Town Hall levels and also gold and elixir mine levels are pushed further in Town Hall 9. Moreover, Bombs and Balloon attack damaged level is increased and decreased respectively. This all is part of upcoming storm and things are manipulated in a way that it will fit the new scenario of the game.

We are all desperately waiting for this upcoming Clash of Clans big update with watery stuff in it along lot of new developments. So sit tight and wait for that big day, that is coming up with in few days with lot of changes and additions. Also give us your feedback and stay tune for future updates.