Transform your older Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S8

Galaxy S4 is a pretty older device but it is quite capable of running tweaked firmware easily, thanks to it’s powerful hardware. Now lets come to the point, if you wish to give your older Galaxy S4 the same look as Galaxy S8 then you are at the right place. After Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 now you can transform your Galaxy S4 any variant into Galaxy S8, wondering? How? Yes it is now possible, you can now give your Galaxy S4 the same look as that of a Galaxy S8 in just a matter of seconds. We have posted each and everything along complete instructions to convert your Galaxy S4 all variants into Galaxy S8. This guide is especially for all those users who are not in position to spend $750 to buy the new Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 brings multiple existing new features including, more intelligent Voice Assistant called ‘Bixby’, the Bixby feature lets you do anything on your device by acknowledging your voice commands and works the same that you do by touch. Brings colorful new wallpapers, redesigned launcher along colorful icons and much more. The great thing about this guide is that, you are going to have all these Galaxy S8 features on your Galaxy S4 so lets start the process to convert Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S8.

How to transform Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S8

Before you begin ensure following things you have with you.

A working USB cable, that will be used for connecting your device to PC.

Battery must be charged enough to avoid shut down during the process.

Make a safe backup of your device in case something goes wrong, you have restore option. Follow this guide to create a Nandroid back of your device.


Here we have some apps available along with the complete process to install them as well.

Download Galaxy S8 stock launcher. Here you go

Download Galaxy S8 stock Apps. Here you go

Download Galaxy S8 stock Wallpapers. Here you go

Download Galaxy S8’s Bixby Assistant. Here you go

Download Galaxy S8 icon pack. Here you go

Process to transform Galaxy S4 into Galaxy S8

Connect your device to PC in USB mode and transfer all the above downloaded files on your device storage. (If PC doesn’t detects your device, download and install Samsung USB drivers on PC. Here we have latest USB drivers)

Now open File Manager on your device and start the apk files installation one by one.

Once the installation process is completed simply press your Home Button and you are all set.

That’s it! You have successfully given your Galaxy S4 all new look of a Galaxy S8. If you have any queries you are free to ask.