Top 5 Weather apps for Android [2017]

Now a days we are getting addicted to smartphone’s and we want the best smartphone in all aspect including camera, OS and performance. Android and iOS are the two biggest platform ruling the world at the moment, there are billions of apps developed for them as well. These software and applications make the phone’s usability even more, we can now rely on our smartphone for the daily life needs that include, checking flight time, transferring online money within banks via app, checking weather conditions and other medical diagnosing apps.

Weather app on any smartphone plays a vital role. If you are planning a trip to somewhere and want to check the weather conditions for the planned days, just grab the smartphone from your pocket and everything is there on s single tap. A variety of weather apps are available for Android on Google Play but below we have mentioned the top 5 most downloaded weather apps in the list with a brief description.

Top 5 Best Weather apps for Android 2017

Below we have sorted out some of the most famous weather apps with detailed weather reports and accurate information. This sequence is not for comparison but we have listed them as top 5 weather apps that users trust the most.


It is the most popular app you have often seen on the Android devices. The Accuweather app comes in the Android devices by default, the smartphone OEMs give it their own interface but on the back the services are driven by Accuweather. This App tell you the complete record of weather conditions regarding Temperatures, chances of rain, thunderstorm and participation etc. The graph support indicates the changes in temperatures, wind speed and more.

The Weather Channel:

Weather Channel app is one of the most popular weather app all around the world. The Weather Channel apps gives you all the basic reading of the weather conditions and it is one of the most trusted app in the world. Most of the media channel use their weather services to report the weather forecast. The app tells forecast as hourly, days, and weeks including sunrise, sunset.



Weather is just another most downloaded weather app. The Weatherbug app has a great interface with realistic backgrounds. It has the capability of changing the current location accurately if you are moving from one place to another with an auto detect location feature. The weather app also gives you news about the upcoming weather, spark information and more.

Weather Underground:

The Weather Underground is the top most detailed weather app available for Android devices. The weather app is very much user friendly and display all the weather readings including Temp, participation, Windspeed, gust, humidity and hourly forecast with chart. Other features like, rain, humidity, dew Point, Pressure and visibility are also displayed. So far those were the basic features but the cutting edge of this weather app is that it shows the details about health indications like Air quality, Flu an UV indexing. You can see the weather reports by graphical charts and even webcam based.

Noaa Weather Radar:

This is also among the most professional weather apps for Android. The NOAA weather reports comes live from the NOAA Centre [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]. The weather apps shows very accurate information regarding weather and keep updated live, the basic information like cyclones, storms and tornadoes is monitored. It gives the satellite view of your current location along news and reports about weather changes.

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