The battery drain issue can be resolved by App reset, says Facebook

Facebook is the worlds most popular social networking site with more then 1 billion users all around the world. Yesterday Facebook users have reported on Twitter about poor battery life while using Facebook/Messenger app. The Facebook administration took these complaints on a serious note and in response, Facebook’s Vice President David Marcus confirmed that issue and said indeed it was an issue but now it is “isolated and fixed server side“. He asked FB users to give a restart to Facebook along Messenger app to resolve the issue. The reboot policy is good in aspect that it may clear cache or give a fresh start to apps that results in low resource usage.

Resolve Facebook’s battery drain issue

If the problem still exists after restarting the Facebook app then you need to re-install both Messenger and Facebook app and try to install the Public Facebook app instead of beta version, however it is reported that both Public and beta version of Facebook apps are facing the same issue. You can sort the apps and services regarding their consumption of battery juice and sort them in order from highest to lowest that clearly shows the results. Go to Settings >> Battery. Also Navigate to the apps menu in Settings and clear the Facebook cache and data, reset the app to resolve the battery drain issue on Facebook and Messenger app.

This is not the first time for Facebook to cause the battery problem but back in November it is also reported that Facebook consumes about 20% of battery juice on all Android devices. The issue seems to be apparently fixed but we cannot rely on it as the modern smartphone’s hardware is getting higher the latest apps also featuring new design along latest features that make the apps resource hungry as well.