Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus common Issues and Fixes

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are the latest flagships by the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It was one of the most anticipated phones in Samsung’s Galaxy series that’s partly attributed to the Galaxy Note 7 Disaster that made Samsung halt Note’s production permanently and made them go back to the drawing board to completely redesign the next flagship as well as cater to all user complaints and faults that made Note 7 a disaster.

S8 clearly shows that Samsung has outdone itself in rectifying the previous mistakes while making a gem of a phone. This clearly has been proved by its growing popularity ever since its launch. Its beautiful UI, its unique design and its staggering battery life followed by being the first phone to be powered by the Snapdragon 835, this smartphone is nothing short of being a beast.

Then again even the best at times encounters some issues and that is exactly is what this article is for. So following are some fixes of the known issues of Galaxy S8:

Fix Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Issues

Below we have mentioned a few most common and basic issues along their fixes that we often encounter while using Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Fix Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Slow Performance Issue


A step so simple as rebooting often caters to many issues so the user should first try to reboot as a first attempt before proceeding towards other methods.

Clean Cache:

Often the app cache is the main culprit behind the lag in performance. It can be cleaned by:

1: Rebooting into Recovery Mode

2: Wipe Cache Partition

3: Rebooting

Rebooting into safe mode to find out if any application is the cause of lag:

1: Reboot to Safe Mode, it prevents all apps from running.

2: whilst on Safe Mode check if the phone’s still slow.If the phone isn’t slow anymore then some faulty application mustve made it slow,

3: uninstall any app that might have caused the lag.

4: Phone’s back to normal.

Disabling animations to get an instant boost:

1: Enable Developer Options by tapping Build Number 7 times in About Phone section of settings.

2: In Developer Options find Windows Animation Scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

3: Disable all three of these options.

4: You will witness a noticeable change.

Fix Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Battery Issues

Monitoring Applications:

1: Tap battery in Device Maintenance Section of Settings.

2: A list of apps shall appear with the consumption of each app in front of it.

3: Tap on app that consumed the highest amount of power and Toggle Save Power by tapping on it.

4: This will prevent the app from consuming more power.

Fix Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Heating issues

Almost all heating issues are caused by Power Intensive applications a full cache, do take care of both of these by following the steps already mentioned above.