Samsung Galaxy S8 coming out in more leak pictures

Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting official at the end of this month and crazy fans and show spoilers are unable to wait for few more weeks as they are coming out with rendered images and also some managed to pull different parts of this upcoming device and uploading them on the internet. Well blur images and rendered are seemed to be an old story as for the last couple of days real life working images of Galaxy S8 are popping out from different sources.

Early this morning Evan Blass a popular name in bringing leaked images of all the popular devices came up with a fully functional S8 picture from front showing the fine finished Galaxy S8 in black with no home button at the bottom and with a very compact design with lot of room for the display on front and very less space is left for other components. Well we have seen this type of changes in LG G6 that is released a few days back with front covered by display and very less space on the top and bottom of the device. This is a good move and it should be like this because unnecessary space just makes your device much bigger and heavier to carry.

Image Courtesy: Evan Brass

This is not the end of story as few hours earlier BGR came up with some of the new images that they pick up from some Chinese website showing the smaller version of this device. According to leak specs it is believed that this device is coming in 2 models of S8 and S8 plus with a major difference in display sizes. Nothing is confirmed yet but from these leaks we are pretty much sure now that this is the actual device that we have been expecting since long. Just wait till Samsung officially announce this Galaxy S8 device on 29th of this month and it is expected that it will be available in the market soon after its announcement.

Image Courtesy: BGR