OnePlus 5: Collection of Best Cases and Covers

One of the slickest smartphones on the block, the OnePlus 5 offers great value for money for users on a tight budget.  However a drawback of this smartphone is that it’s not the most durable device but the folks at OnePlus 5 and other external companies have come up with some very handy and cheap covers and cases which give the smartphone its own individual characteristic. There is a cover/case for everyone, be it feminine, manly, soft or sturdy. A user can easily purchase OnePlus 5 covers and cases from a variety of online and top of the counter vendors. Let’s have a look at some of the best sellers to get an insight of the types of covers and cases there available in the market for OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Official Protective Case

This is the company’s own case which comes along with the purchasing of the mobile. It’s a hard shell case which can easily snap onto the smartphone. This hard shell case is available in numerous designs like Sandstone, Ebony Wood, Rose wood and Carbon. However one thing to note is that despite being a hard casing it doesn’t offer much protection for the smartphone in case it falls hard on a surface. For users looking for something exciting, they may have to explore other cases as these official hard shells do tend to get a bit boring.

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OnePlus 5 Flip Cover

Another offering from the company itself, the flip cover is a simple fake leather casing with an almost wallet type touch to it. Since the flip cover is made up of fake leather, it’s quite affordable and contains a thin plastic casing which engulfs the corners of the phone to keep it in place. The flip cover is accessible as it allows good access to all buttons and makes the smartphone use easily usable. The cover also has a plus in the form of a small slot which can be of use for a credit card or any other ID card.

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OnePlus 5 DayJoy Ultra-Thin Aluminum Bumper Case

Perhaps the most popular and luxurious case is the DayJoy Aluminum Bumper case for the OnePlus 5. The company DayJoy has used the metal aluminum’s unique qualities comprising of its strength and weight to come up with a state of the art cover which offers a minimalistic yet very tough cover for the phone. Not only does the OnePlus 5 look great but it enables the phone to work perfectly without interfering in its reception. The cover is unique in such a way that it allows the phone to set in but still gives it a little buffer so that once the phone is set down on a flat surface or even if it falls then this buffer acts as a shield and the front of the phone remains intact. The soft padded inner lining of the cover also ensures that the phone doesn’t get scratched from the inside.

OnePlus 5 Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case

Cruzerlite has come up with very trendy custom designed Bugdroid cases in circuit prints. The covers are made of a gel case of TPU material which is not only shock absorbent and scratch resistant which provides amazing protection from day to day scratches, bumps and spills – yes it also happens to be water resistant. The case is slim fit which makes the phone look very smart. The light weight design easily wraps itself around the phone while protecting the front by adding an extra layer preventing the phone’s screen from touching any surface.

OnePlus 5 Vostrostone Ultra-thin Case

Another winner of the OnePlus 5 cases is the Vostrostrone Ultra-thin case. Not only is it highly durable but it offers a beautiful sleek finish to the phone is quite affordable. The cover is a strong plastic with a soft rubbery exterior finishing which provides magnificent protection for the phone. Not only this, the strong exterior also makes it easier to grab the phone and is not prone to the phone slipping from s user’s hands.  

OnePlus 5 KuGi Flexible Soft Case

As the name suggests the KuGi Flexible case offers the phone a quaint protection while being easy on the wallet as well – in fact it is the cheapest OnePlus 5 cover in the market at the moment. The cover contains a soft brushed design at the back with a carbon fibre touch on both sides which gives the cover a very aesthetic touch. The cover provides sufficient padding and manages to cover all corners of the phone. Also due to its flexibility the cover an easily slip on and off the OnePlus 5 phone.

OnePlus 5 Ringke Fusion case

No cover list can be complete without the mandatory transparent cover. The Ringke Fusion cover is the simplest cover to ensure the mobile is safe and away from harm’s way. The case has a TPU cover along with a scratch proof polycarbonate black panel. Though the cover contains buttons, they are very easy to handle and contain outlets for ports and the camera pin.  It also comes along with a screen protector, however one thing to note about this case is that it does not offer a very good fit for the phone. In fact the phone might just get scratched if the user is trying to put the mobile in for the first time.

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OnePlus 5 Dretel Defender Case

Another popular choice which is easier on the wallet is the Dretel Defender case. Giving the phone an almost transformers like feel; this is a popular choice amongest youngsters when it comes to OnePlus 5 covers. The cover has a strong yet flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) inner lining which protects the phone from shock and water. The outer layer – which gives it a strong definition – is a hard plastic with slight protruding shells which absorb the impact if the phone falls on a surface.  The cover comes with an added bonus at the back which has a kickstand allowing the phone to be propped up in case the need arises. This cover comes in blue, red, gray, silver and gold.

Hope you will like our collection of best OnePlus 5 cases and covers, give us you feedback and do let us know which one you liked the most?.